Bringing climate action to the gates of Muja Power Station... and beyond, in the case of some climate campers =)

Acting for a fair climate future

Wrong way

Early morning day-shift workers arriving at Muja, one of Collie's coal-fired power stations, were met by picketing climate campers

Cimate Camp's picket statement

Conversations with workers on the road to recognising climate reality =)

Coal technology is prehistoric!

The sun dawned over Nyungah boodja, and our country that always was and always will be indigenous land

Green Jobs 4 U, morning wake-up call for some workers

Real action on climate change now

Climate Campers undeterred by OTT police presence

Pairs of mounted police paraded around at the action

Queing for renewable energy and an end to coal =p

Climate inaction protestors engaged with coal workers and locals of Collie community during Climate Camp and in its lead-up through organising forums, communication and liasing. This worker's thumbs up was one of many encouraging responses.

Beautiful eco art adorned the road outside Muja created from sand, bark, and natural materials gathered by people at the action

Sandy earth art mandalas lent their magic to the action

*rawr* folk of all ages and backgrounds enjoyed camping for climate action in Collie

Chatting to workers

Putting the brakes on coal expansion and climate change

Sunshine and solar smiles

Fists in the sky for a safe climate future

Failure no option

Earth art sand circles

Police and state security stepped up their monitoring of W.A.'s climate movement in the lead up to Climate Camp and brought surveilance to Muja, no doubt agreeing with us that all the fun of the action day would be well worth recording, though not, perhaps for similar reasons....

Jamming at Muja. Sharing music was a really enjoyable aspect of the whole camp.

Drumming up real climate action

Getting real on emissions reduction targets

The Rebel Clown Army brought a whole lot of fun, mischief, and laughs to the picket, using creative performance to act on climate change.

A couple of the friendly climate-camping canines were dedicated enough to attend the day of action at Muja but ignored the other fun on offer in favour of sleeping once the sun grew hot. Judging by the co-ordinated snoozing effort the canine collective had already reached consensus on this course of action prior to the event.

Climate action for now, and for future generations

The Rebel Clown Army got smiles all round....

...even if some people kept their smiles on the inside =p

100% renewables is do-able!

The consensus circle, where all climate campers had a say in group decision-making

Police failed to join in the fun, but stood around enjoying the hot sunshine for a whole lot of tax-payers' money.

why so serious?

Rockin' the picket line

Hans Dopheide of Muja's Verve Energy: here's something I prepared earlier

Hans feels the heat.... of climate change, when climate activists, community members, media, and Nyungah elders engage in discussion with him.

One planet, one climate

Smiles for a safe climate....


Go green

Recording the action


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