In the lead up to the Camp for Climate Action in Collie there was several  public forums, training opportunities and fundraisers. They were:

Life and Jobs in WA after coal: A public forum 

What: An open public forum about Coal in WA, the alternatives and how to get there!
Where: Woolnough Lecture Theatre Geology and Geography, UWA
When: November 25th 2009 6-8pm
Who: Anyone interested to hear about and discuss energy in WA and social change

Climate Camp recognises that the economy and jobs of Collie are dependent on the coal industry. We would like to invite the residents of Collie to be part of the constructive discussion about a just transition from a coal-based economy to a sustainable clean energy future. We will be holding a public meetings in Collie on Sunday November 29 at the Margaretta Wilson Center, 99 Forrest Street Collie, 3-5pm and during Climate Camp December 17-21 to listen to what Collie residents have to say. We believe Collie can benefit from the switch to clean renewable energy without threatening the jobs of Collie workers or the stability of Collie community. Sustainable energy jobs are cleaner and safer than coal. A suite of renewable energy — including solar, wind, geothermal and wave sources — can easily produce all of WA’s energy needs, without exposing workers to daily contact with toxic materials, and without threatening global warming which affects all life on the planet.

Climate Camp Rockin’ Fundraiser with Blac Blocs!

What: A night of perth’s finest Direct Action loving bands, all to raise money and spirits for Climate Camp
Where: The Railway Hotel,  North Fremantle
When: November 27th 2009 8pm – late
Who: Anyone with a taste for the finer things

More info

Life and Jobs in Collie after coal: A public forum

What: An open public forum about the possibilities for the future of Collie and about the Camp for Climate Action!
Where: Collie (venue TBC)
When: November 29th 2009 3-5pm
Who: Anyone interested in hearing and/or talking about the possibility of transitioning away from fossil fuels, or wanting to know more about the Camp for Climate Action

More info

Cycle for Climate Action!

What: A ~four day mountain bike ride down the Munda Bibi trail. Sustainable transport to Collie!
Where: Perth – Collie
When: December 10th –17th 2009
Who: Anyone who prefers pedals to petro-chemicals and gravel rash to freeways!

More info

Walk against Warming and Cycle against Warming

What: Australia’s biggest day of community climate protest. Walkig and Riding to protest the status quo.
Where/When: Meet for the walk at 11am at the Perth Cultural Centre. Meet for the ride 10am at the Perth Clutural Centre December 12 2009
Who: Many of the people who will be coming to climate camp (and some who will hear about it for the first time)

More info about the walk here More info about the ride here

More info



  1. Whoa, just 4 days til Climate Camp!!

    It’s great to hear that so many people are coming, and I’d just like to remind you all how important it is that you register on the website if you’re coming – just head to the “I’M COMING!” tab. This is really crucial for us to be able to cater for the camp: yummy amazing vegan food by donation! 🙂

    And a couple of notes on the camp:

    Firstly, this event’s organised entirely by volunteers, and will be run non-heirarchically with the core principles of consensus and participation. So for awesome things like tasty food, fun childcare, the town stall, safety monitors, and the welcome tent to work, we need people to set some time aside to volunteer and help keep the camp running. This is everyone’s camp equally, and we all need to take on responsiblity and a sense of ownership so that we can pull together and make it as amazing as it can be! So when we call out for vollies at the morning gatherings, please take this into consideration.

    Finally, a quick note on site safety… A bushfire went near Stockton Lake recently, and because of the coal dust in the soil, areas have been fenced off by the Department of Environment and Conservation as there is HOT ASH just under the surface which is apparently something like 400 degrees celsius… crikey! To my knowledge it isn’t fenced off securely at all. For this reason, among others, we strongly discourage people from bringing their pets to Climate Camp. If you do, we advise that they be on a leash the entire time for their safety and the safety of other participants.

    Righteo, nag over!

    Can’t wait to see you all down there,

    Keep up the mischief,


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