Transition to a renewable community

It is entirely possible to provide electricity and jobs for our communities from renewable sources. There are many reports that have been produced proving that this is possible.

Sustainable Energy Now (SEN) is a WA based group that is developing a simulation model for WA’s electricity supply which will hopefully prove again that we can get enought energy from renewable resources without costing the Earth. The SEN website also provides lots of useful iformation about the different viable renewable technologies available right now.

Plan B is a plan developed by several environment organisations including GreenPeace and The Conservation Council of WA detailing the ways in which Australia could make the required cuts in emissions.

The Green Gold Rush is a report by the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian Council of Social Services that details how Australia is missing out on ‘green jobs’ by continuing to invest in fossil fuels instead of renewable.



  1. […] Coal industry. There are plans for the number of coal power stations in Collie to double though Australia is in a good position to switch to renewables. The Camp for Climate Action will be a convergence of people from all over WA and Australia who are […]

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