Just Solutions

Climate change has, undoubtedly, been caused by putting profit before people and planet. Governments, multinational corporations and some individuals are getting increasingly rich from the extraction, burning and waste of fossil fuels. We can not let profit be the driving force of decisions in a rational society. Just like climate change is being caused by reckless profiteering, many other social justice issues are too. Not only will we find allies in other movements if we propose just solutions to climate crisis, just solutions are the only ones that will work. They are the only ones that will work because the are the only solutions that address and oppose the root causes of climate change.

Toward Climate Justice: Can we turn back from the abyss?

A good, easy to read critique of ’emissions trading’ and the UNFCC (united nations framework convention on climate change) approach to climate mitigation. A good intro to Climate Justice from the institute for social ecology.

Toward a Movement for Peace and Climate Justice

A great overview from the institute for social ecology of climate change, climate change as a social justice issue and what kind of movement we need to restore a safe climate.

Beyond Eco-Apartheid

A easy to read history of racial segregation in the environment movement. The author gives hope that the new climate justice movement can overcome some of the problems of past environmental movements.

Africa Action Talking Points on Climate Change and Africa

A look at climate change from an African perspective and how rich nations are using the World Bank to further their economic exploitation of poor coutries in the guise of ‘climate mitigation’


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