Climate Justice

Climate Justice is an approach that views climate change in all of its social-environmental-justice implications.
Climate Justice means that we address the root causes of climate change: the over-consumption, waste and exploitation of the world’s resources by Minority World countries. Climate Justice sits in opposition to dominant ‘false solutions’ like carbon trading and nuclear power.

These pages contain heaps of fun info and resources about climate campaigning, just solutions, ways to get involved and more!

Active groups in WA – to get involved with!

These are just some of the groups who are organising around climate justice and sustainability in WA. Check them out, get involved andtogether we can create the foundations for a new world!

Climate Change Basics

Transition to a renewable community

Here are some great resources that spell out how we can remodel our society to get our energy from safe and just sources instead of coal and uranium.

Just Solutions

This page describes what we mean by justice and how we integrate it with climate campaigning. Indeed, it may be impossible to restore a safe climate unless we do so justly. Resources here describe some of the false solutions being pushed and outline what real solutions might look like.

National Groups, Events and Campaigns

International campaigns, events and groups


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