Cycle For Climate

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Hi Bikies,

we’ll be staging a ride to the campsite in Collie before the climate camp along the munda biddi trail

This ride is for

1. having fun

2. making friends and memories and what have you

3. to experience some of the beautiful pristine bushland that WA has to offer

4. to show that, yes, with a bit of effort, we can get there on wheels WITHOUT putting a tonne of co2 in the air. (not counting our support vehicle)

the ride is being organised under the name: “Cycle For Climate Action 09”

the ride’s going to be along the Munda Biddi Trail:

it’s going to take about seven days to travel along the trail from Perth to Collie, and will be offroad

the route will START at on friday the 11th, which sucks because we can’t make critical mass for december or walk for warming the next day but oh well.

will finish up at collie at the end of the 18th in time for most of camp for climate action

It’s recommended that anyone wishing to participate has a decent level of fitness, is comfortable camping on trails and has access to a working mountain bike with front suspension,

if that’s you you’re totally welcome to get involved. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

The organisers can be contacted here:

David 0449001108

Phil 0450 032 773

Regan 0413 730 293

To register your interest, follow the link below to our registration form:


Happy biking!

p.s. hi Eunice!



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  2. project fridgecar supports you guys thoroughly. believe.

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