Posted by: climatecampwa | December 26, 2009

Thanks for a successful Climate Camp!

Thanks everyone who came to Collie to participate in Climate Camp and also to all those who couldn’t make it but who gave their support in other ways.

It was really great seeing everyone there, helping to set up and run the camp. There was a lot of hard work put in by everyone.


I think the camp was successful in that there were over 120 people who came along, who facilitated or participated in workshops and discussions, had laughs, made music, and who shared their thoughts, feelings and ideas and listened to those of others. I was inspired by meeting so many new and lovely people and by working with everyone to actively create the changes that we wanted to see in the world together.

The day of mass action at Muja was great and a diversity of tactics were carried out. Those with different theories of how change is made were able to implement different forms of action accordingly.

Types of action included:

  • forming a picket line and asking workers to join in solidarity with climate campaigners
  • creating massive artworks out of bush materials
  • question and answers with Muja managers
  • clown army entertainment
  • direct action …

I really think we managed to take over the space outside Muja and make it ours.


There’s been some good feedback so far but we need to hear more about how the camp was for you, whether you are one of the organisers, participants or even someone who couldn’t make it but heard about the camp/saw it in the media. We need to set up a page for that so stay tuned.

Also if you have lost or found property there will be a page for organising that.

Check out the media page for articles and also to see photos – we will be putting pics in a better place soon. If you have some photos that you want to share then perhaps someone can start a flickr site (?) and get it going…. Just advertise it up here so people know where they can upload to.

There will be a film night sometime next week with footage from Climate Camp. Probably Monday or Tuesday evening somewhere close to Perth city. More details soon! Bring along any photos/footage then too and we can put them on a central computer and perhaps make DVDs fro distribution later.

We also need a way of sharing contact details. Lots of work to be done!

And… ideas about the future of climate activism in relation to Collie?

Anyone want to organise a meeting to discuss?

Let us know if you can help with organising any of the above follow-up tasks…..

Will update this page soon!

With euphoria and some hard-earned laziness




  1. It was great, highlight of the year for me and my little Hugo, too I think!
    Lots of thanks to Emma and all those who put so much time into organizing it, the great camp cooks and all the lovely people who attended, I never met a better bunch of people.
    A special thankyou for all those who participated in my first experience of “community parenting”. I have never trusted my baby to anyone but his grandmother and father. Without that help I would have been unable to be very involved, as I would have been too busy, indeed I needed that help even just to go to the loo!
    Hugo has come home with newfound confidence and creativity, I think it was great for my little activist! Thankyou, thankyou…

  2. The community parenting thing was an awesome experience for me too and was a real realisation of how my ideal society would work. Thanks to you and Hugo for giving us the opportunity! I really get so refresehd and inspired by being around little people so I’m glad that Hugo benefited from being ’round us too..

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