Posted by: climatecampwa | December 15, 2009

Last Minute Info!

I’ve had a few people ask me basic questions about getting prepared for the camp, so just shortly…


We’ll be providing yummy vegan food on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis (with a suggested donation of $10 a day to cover costs, but that’s just a guide). I’d recommend you bring snacks, and a bowl/cup etc just in case we don’t have enough. Nyungah crew might be bringing a roo carcass to the camp as part of a cultural exchange. Recognising the fact that Aboriginal culture has been and continues to be intentionally decimated is core to acknowledging the links between all kinds of systemic oppression in our world, including environmental destruction, and thus core to Climate Camp. However, we hope that this sharing of traditional culture will be done in a way that is sensitive to everyone’s needs at the camp so that we will all feel safe.


We highly recommend that you bring enough water (or a refillable container to fill in town) for your own uses such as drinking/teeth brushing/washing etc. We will have a tank for our cooking purposes but this is limited so it’d be great if we could all be as independent as possible.


We’ll be camping next to Stockton Lake, which is an old mine pit that has been ‘rehabilitated’ as a recreational site. We’ve tested it and it’s totally fine to swim and wash in, in fact it’s really nice 🙂 So bring your bathers and a towel (if you don’t feel like wearing your birthday suit)…


If you’re driving, head east from the Collie town-site along Coalfields Highway/Road. About 7 or 8 kilometres (5 min drive) east of Collie turn right off Coalfields Road onto Piavanini Road. The turnoff to Stockton Lake is less than a kilometre along Piavanini Road to the left. Follow the signs to find the welcome tent. If you’re getting public transport to collie go to for bus times. If you’re stuck in collie then call: 0437 822 870. Wicked!! See youse all there 🙂


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