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You and your friends are invited to take part in the West Australian Camp for Climate Action

ccwa09 poster_04

We are organising Western Australia’s first ever Camp for Climate Action. Climate camp is taking place from December 17-21 in Collie, the heart of WA’s Coal industry. There are plans for the number of coal power stations in Collie to double. We are going to take action against this disastrous expansion. We would like you to come too! We would also like any help in organising the camp, for a full list of ways to help, see below.

For more information or to register your interest visit join us on facebook email or call Dom on 0415 258 301 or Mar on 08 9371 3791.

More About Camp For Climate Action

The Camp for Climate Action will be a convergence of people from all over WA and Australia who are determined to see real action on climate change. Australia is in a good position to switch to renewables and our failure to move away from coal is our society’s greatest climate crime. We need a just transition from coal to clean energy – not an expansion of the coal industry.

The five day camp will be a participatory and sustainable event, where people are invited to share, learn, plan and take action. As one of five climate camps happening in Australia, and over 20 across the world, it will be an inspiring gathering of people of all ages and from all walks of life coming together to take direct action for a living future.

A group of people will also be riding on the Munda Biddi trail from Perth to Collie, leaving on December 10 and arriving on December 17. For more info see the cycle for climate website or contact Regan on 0413 730 293 or David on 0449 001 108.

What: Five days of popular education, skillsharing and direct action
Where: Collie (exact location to be confirmed)
When: December 17th – 21st 2009
Who: You, your friends and family

The organisers are a diverse range of individuals who share a passion for a sustainable future. We are supported by groups including the Australian Student Environment Network, the South West Environment Centre and Coalition for a Safe Climate. Many of the organisers are also union members and we support workers and unions struggles for pay and conditions. We want you to come on board too!

We need help! We are hoping over 200 people will take part in this historic event. We need help especially with: fund raising, promotions legal assistance, items for setting up the camp and action planning and most importantly we would love you to come with us!

2draft_WACLIMATECAMP09 emailHow your group or organisation can assist:

Organise for your group to attend the camp. You can start an affinity group, plan actions and attend spokes councils to hear what other groups are planning.

Say you are attending on facebook and invite your friends!
Promote the camp through your networks; emails, fliers, posters, on face book talk it up!
Hold a climate camp promotion stall or add some fliers to your stall.
Organise a time for us to run a workshop with your group or help with existing trainings
Host a fundraising/ promotion event in your town (for your transport or help with camp costs).
Source items for our ‘wish list’ for logistics of the camp.
Donate funds.
Attend, promote help organise some of the events leading up to climate camp. See our calander.
Come to organising meetings and help with any aspect of organisation. Every Friday 6pm and once/month in Bunbury on a Sunday.

Contact us:
Email or call Dom on 0415 258 301 or Mar on 08 9371 3791. If you are interested in any of the above or if:

You’d like a climate camp organiser to come to your group, we’d love to talk with you (casually or formally) about Australia’s coal expansion and climate camp.
You’d like any further information or to get involved
You’d like to be on the announcement or organising e-list

More information can be found on the website You can also contact us with any questions you may have.



  1. I am coming down from Geraldton with my 16 month old boy. I am putting up your posters around town and trying to get a few of us going, maybe carpooling. If you know of anyone from up this way who wants to go, could you give them my email please.

  2. I can get an announcement read out on Radio Mamma, Mid West Indigenous Radio Station based here in Geraldton. What would you like them to say?

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