Posted by: climatecampwa | October 28, 2009

Life and Jobs in WA After Coal: A public forum

A forum to discuss and hear about what WA will look like after we end our coal dependence and how we are going to get there!

November Wednesday 25 6-8pm Woolnough Lecture Theatre, Geology and Geography building, UWAPERTHCOALFORUMflyer_DRAFT3

Speakers will talk about:
What the current, planned and future coal projects in WA are,
False Solutions: ‘clean coal’
Where we can get our energy from post-coal
Clean Energy Jobs
How to get there: A people’s movement, Climate Camps, Coal Campaigning, Blockading and Solidarity
Plus plenty of discussion time

Climate Change is happening, Coal will run out (soon enough?). We need a plan to transition to renewables. Come along and hear about how those plans are attractive, safe and reliable. Talk about how we can make a movement that can end coal and replace it with clean energy.

Presented by:

Camp for Climate Action WA


Coalition for a Safe Climate

For more info contact:

0421 132 044


0417 319 662

Climate Camp will be held on Nyungah land and we pay our respects to the elders past and present


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