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Give some feedback!

Protestors gather near the gates of Muja coal-fired power station (photo: Alex Bainbridge)

Click here to fill out the online climate camp evaluation form

This form has been put together so that climate camp organisers and participants (past, present and future) can get an understanding of everyone’s thoughts and ideas on climate camp, and what steps should be taken to create a brighter and greener future.  Reflecting and thinking critically about the way we organise and how we create change can be a really important movement-building tool. It helps us to improve and become stronger  in our campaigns and struggles for local and global justice.

It should only take around 15-20 minutes depending on how much you want to put into it. The more the better!

The feedback will be collected and made available to people through the email-list. Let us know if you’d like to help with doing this 😉

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Thanks for a successful Climate Camp!

Thanks everyone who came to Collie to participate in Climate Camp and also to all those who couldn’t make it but who gave their support in other ways.

It was really great seeing everyone there, helping to set up and run the camp. There was a lot of hard work put in by everyone.


I think the camp was successful in that there were over 120 people who came along, who facilitated or participated in workshops and discussions, had laughs, made music, and who shared their thoughts, feelings and ideas and listened to those of others. I was inspired by meeting so many new and lovely people and by working with everyone to actively create the changes that we wanted to see in the world together.

The day of mass action at Muja was great and a diversity of tactics were carried out. Those with different theories of how change is made were able to implement different forms of action accordingly.

Types of action included:

  • forming a picket line and asking workers to join in solidarity with climate campaigners
  • creating massive artworks out of bush materials
  • question and answers with Muja managers
  • clown army entertainment
  • direct action …

I really think we managed to take over the space outside Muja and make it ours.


There’s been some good feedback so far but we need to hear more about how the camp was for you, whether you are one of the organisers, participants or even someone who couldn’t make it but heard about the camp/saw it in the media. We need to set up a page for that so stay tuned.

Also if you have lost or found property there will be a page for organising that.

Check out the media page for articles and also to see photos – we will be putting pics in a better place soon. If you have some photos that you want to share then perhaps someone can start a flickr site (?) and get it going…. Just advertise it up here so people know where they can upload to.

There will be a film night sometime next week with footage from Climate Camp. Probably Monday or Tuesday evening somewhere close to Perth city. More details soon! Bring along any photos/footage then too and we can put them on a central computer and perhaps make DVDs fro distribution later.

We also need a way of sharing contact details. Lots of work to be done!

And… ideas about the future of climate activism in relation to Collie?

Anyone want to organise a meeting to discuss?

Let us know if you can help with organising any of the above follow-up tasks…..

Will update this page soon!

With euphoria and some hard-earned laziness


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Last Minute Info!

I’ve had a few people ask me basic questions about getting prepared for the camp, so just shortly…


We’ll be providing yummy vegan food on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis (with a suggested donation of $10 a day to cover costs, but that’s just a guide). I’d recommend you bring snacks, and a bowl/cup etc just in case we don’t have enough. Nyungah crew might be bringing a roo carcass to the camp as part of a cultural exchange. Recognising the fact that Aboriginal culture has been and continues to be intentionally decimated is core to acknowledging the links between all kinds of systemic oppression in our world, including environmental destruction, and thus core to Climate Camp. However, we hope that this sharing of traditional culture will be done in a way that is sensitive to everyone’s needs at the camp so that we will all feel safe.


We highly recommend that you bring enough water (or a refillable container to fill in town) for your own uses such as drinking/teeth brushing/washing etc. We will have a tank for our cooking purposes but this is limited so it’d be great if we could all be as independent as possible.


We’ll be camping next to Stockton Lake, which is an old mine pit that has been ‘rehabilitated’ as a recreational site. We’ve tested it and it’s totally fine to swim and wash in, in fact it’s really nice 🙂 So bring your bathers and a towel (if you don’t feel like wearing your birthday suit)…


If you’re driving, head east from the Collie town-site along Coalfields Highway/Road. About 7 or 8 kilometres (5 min drive) east of Collie turn right off Coalfields Road onto Piavanini Road. The turnoff to Stockton Lake is less than a kilometre along Piavanini Road to the left. Follow the signs to find the welcome tent. If you’re getting public transport to collie go to for bus times. If you’re stuck in collie then call: 0437 822 870. Wicked!! See youse all there 🙂

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Climate Camp starts THIS Thursday in Collie, whoahhh!

Click here to see the program for the 5-day camp

Update: Pleas take down the number of the first aid phone at camp, which is 0437 822 870.

We are almost there; camping by Stockton Lake, sharing experiences and skills and building a movement to be a part of  a fair transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and sustainable jobs. I can’t wait to swim, chat and take action with you in WA’s  coal capital. Please register on the ‘I’m coming!’ page so we can buy enough yummy food for you, mmmmmmmm. As a camp run entirely by volunteers, we encourage you to get involved and volunteer for a few hours of activities and chores that we should all be sharing  to make the camp fun and enjoyable for  everyone. There will be a volunteer roster board at the welcome tent    to help you find something that suits.

Friendly folk at Collie coal-fired power station 2008

How to get there

The camp is at Stockton Lake, an old open pit mine opened to the public for recreational use decades ago. To get there head east  from the Collie town-site along Coalfields Highway/Road. About 7 or 8 kilometres (5 min drive) east of Collie turn right off Coalfields Road onto Piavanini Road. The turnoff to Stockton Lake  is less than a kilometre along Piavanini Road to the left. Follow the signs to find the welcome tent.


A bushfire that saw the temporarily closure of Stockton Lake to recreation in early December has ignited some of the residual coal mixed in with the soil causing a potential hazard to tourists and visitors, known as hot ash. DEC is appealing to visitors to Stockton to keep out of the fenced off and signposted areas for their own safety.

The area affected by hot ash at Stockton is about 18 ha and digital thermometers used to assess the temperature of the hot ash revealed temperatures in excess of 490°C.  DEC will extinguish individual hot ash spots where possible but plans to keep the area fenced off and patrolled until the soil is saturated by a good winter of rain, at least. It is not sufficient to simply put out spots that we find as there may            be coal burning underground that someone — or someone’s dog — could still tread into. Even after a wet winter there have been terrible    cases reported to DEC in the recent past where a person has sunk through mud in winter only to be severely burnt by hot ash that was still smouldering 15 or 20 cm below the surface.

The fence will not be removed until the area has been thoroughly tested. The insidious nature of hot ash is that it is often undetectable and often exists just below the ground. A person or an animal that trod or fell over into a hot spot  would be severely burnt.

The burnt area is well-fenced but we encourage all climate camp participants to take care and be mindful when looking after pets and children.

ccwa09 poster_04

We are organising Western Australia’s first ever Camp for Climate Action. Climate camp is taking place from December 17-21 in Collie, the heart of WA’s Coal industry. There are plans for the number of coal power stations in Collie to double. We are going to take action against this disastrous expansion. We would like you to come too! We would also like any help in organising the camp, for a full list of ways to help, see below.

For more information or to register your interest visit join us on facebook email or call Dom on 0415 258 301 or Mar on 08 9371 3791.

More About Camp For Climate Action

The Camp for Climate Action will be a convergence of people from all over WA and Australia who are determined to see real action on climate change. Australia is in a good position to switch to renewables and our failure to move away from coal is our society’s greatest climate crime. We need a just transition from coal to clean energy – not an expansion of the coal industry.

The five day camp will be a participatory and sustainable event, where people are invited to share, learn, plan and take action. As one of five climate camps happening in Australia, and over 20 across the world, it will be an inspiring gathering of people of all ages and from all walks of life coming together to take direct action for a living future.

A group of people will also be riding on the Munda Biddi trail from Perth to Collie, leaving on December 10 and arriving on December 17. For more info see the cycle for climate website or contact Regan on 0413 730 293 or David on 0449 001 108.

What: Five days of popular education, skillsharing and direct action
Where: Collie (exact location to be confirmed)
When: December 17th – 21st 2009
Who: You, your friends and family

The organisers are a diverse range of individuals who share a passion for a sustainable future. We are supported by groups including the Australian Student Environment Network, the South West Environment Centre and Coalition for a Safe Climate. Many of the organisers are also union members and we support workers and unions struggles for pay and conditions. We want you to come on board too!

We need help! We are hoping over 200 people will take part in this historic event. We need help especially with: fund raising, promotions legal assistance, items for setting up the camp and action planning and most importantly we would love you to come with us!

2draft_WACLIMATECAMP09 emailHow your group or organisation can assist:

Organise for your group to attend the camp. You can start an affinity group, plan actions and attend spokes councils to hear what other groups are planning.

Say you are attending on facebook and invite your friends!
Promote the camp through your networks; emails, fliers, posters, on face book talk it up!
Hold a climate camp promotion stall or add some fliers to your stall.
Organise a time for us to run a workshop with your group or help with existing trainings
Host a fundraising/ promotion event in your town (for your transport or help with camp costs).
Source items for our ‘wish list’ for logistics of the camp.
Donate funds.
Attend, promote help organise some of the events leading up to climate camp. See our calander.
Come to organising meetings and help with any aspect of organisation. Every Friday 6pm and once/month in Bunbury on a Sunday.

Contact us:
Email or call Dom on 0415 258 301 or Mar on 08 9371 3791. If you are interested in any of the above or if:

You’d like a climate camp organiser to come to your group, we’d love to talk with you (casually or formally) about Australia’s coal expansion and climate camp.
You’d like any further information or to get involved
You’d like to be on the announcement or organising e-list

More information can be found on the website You can also contact us with any questions you may have.

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Life and Jobs in WA After Coal: A public forum

A forum to discuss and hear about what WA will look like after we end our coal dependence and how we are going to get there!

November Wednesday 25 6-8pm Woolnough Lecture Theatre, Geology and Geography building, UWAPERTHCOALFORUMflyer_DRAFT3

Speakers will talk about:
What the current, planned and future coal projects in WA are,
False Solutions: ‘clean coal’
Where we can get our energy from post-coal
Clean Energy Jobs
How to get there: A people’s movement, Climate Camps, Coal Campaigning, Blockading and Solidarity
Plus plenty of discussion time

Climate Change is happening, Coal will run out (soon enough?). We need a plan to transition to renewables. Come along and hear about how those plans are attractive, safe and reliable. Talk about how we can make a movement that can end coal and replace it with clean energy.

Presented by:

Camp for Climate Action WA


Coalition for a Safe Climate

For more info contact:

0421 132 044


0417 319 662

Climate Camp will be held on Nyungah land and we pay our respects to the elders past and present

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Climate Camp Rockin’ Fundraiser with Blac Blocs

Black Blocs Flyer

Black Blocs Flyer

A night of Perth’s best best music, all in support of Climate Camp. Be there or be square.  Headlined by Blac Blocs – not to be missed. –

BLAC BLOCS – Perth’s freshest direct-action dirt-rockers.

Formed in early 2007, the subversive and boisterous 4 piece have since graced the stages of most Perth original band venues – as well as solid backyard touring schedule with multiple encounters with the WA Police.

Supporting the likes of Canadian punk legends PROPAGANDHI, Melbourne’s Witch Hats, Black Level Embassy, Coerce, Curse ov Dialect, Elf Tranzporter and too many local acts over the last year, the boys are sphincter-tight and ready to spit bits with the best bitches.

Described as “Midnight Oil meets Fugazi”, Blac Blocs’ unique hard-edged post-punk sound and complaint-rock poetics were captured for consumption on a CD in mid 2008. The debut release “Blac Blocs” is available to buy at 78 Records in Perth.

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Cycle for Climate, Information Sessions

Calling all Bicycle lovers!

The cycle for climate involves 8 days of mountain biking through the pristine bushland surrounding the Munda Biddi Trail. The ride will begin in Mundaring and finish in Collie (December 10-17) where the fun continues at Camp for Climate Action. See the below flyer and Cycle for Climate page for more information about the cycle and the camp. Also register your interest here.

Information sessions will be held at:

UWA: Friday 16th October at 6pm, Environment Room (2nd Floor Guild)
contact Regan 0413 730 293

Murdoch: Thursday 15th October at 12.30pm, Murdoch Guild
contact Phil 0415 968 390

Curtin: Monday 19th October at 6pm, Curtin Guild
contact David 0449 001 108

If you miss any of these, just come along to one of the meetups and trainings that will happen up until the event.

bike pamphlet

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Get Organised! Organise Climate Camp!

Join empowered communities taking direct action against coal and for a safe climate future!

We warmly invite you and/or your organisation to help organise Camp for Climate Action WA.

The Camp for Climate Action will be an inspiring few days of workshops and grassroots direct action designed to stop coal mining and it’s use for energy production in the coal capital of WA, Collie, from the 17th of December to the 20th of December.

Our collective consists of people from a variety of ages and political leanings, and we want the space to be open for anyone who wants real action on climate change.

We are holding an organising meeting 6pm this Friday at the Lotteries West building, just across from the City West train stop.  Contact the email below for more details.

Would love to see you there!

If you’re not on the email list yet, and want to get involved in any capacity,

subscribe  at:

For more info contact or call: 0415 258 301

And for more info and inspiration check out the climate camps happening in Australia and the UK in 2009: